Monday, February 23, 2009

Jeremy fit this hat on Kate's giant head right before I got her jammies on her and she looked so cute I had to get a picture (I know.... she's never dressed in pictures)
Jaron and Emmy had their first day of preschool two weeks ago (yes, I always blog late) They were so excited and love it even more now than they thought they would. The independence is great for them, but to be honest I'm not sure the free time in the morning is worth the anxiety of dropping them off and driving away. If I had the money I'm positive I'd be sending a body guard with them.

Supply and Demand: this is what happens when a boring toy gets a little attention from one kid.

We've had a lot of first lately. Jaron and Emmy are now Sunbeams! I can't believe my babies are getting so big. I don't know whether to be happy they're growing up or sad about the toddlers I miss them being. The first two weeks of Sunbeams went great for Jaron (and the rest of the weeks for that matter). Jaron loves to be "big" and to feel proud of himself. He's so excited to show us what he did and tell us how he sat good and listened. Emmy likes to be good too (and we adore her just as much) but I think she gets a small thrill out of getting in trouble. We sat at the Sharing time window watching Emmy bopping all the kids on the head as they tried to listen and I finally had to barge in when I heard her yelling at her teacher. But since the first two weeks she seems to be doing a lot better. I pray some of these things are just a phase.

Thanks Jill and Dave! These are two kids that will turn any play ground equipment, couch, van, or slab of cement into a pirate ship. Jill sent this pirate ship home with us after Christmas and the kids LOVE it. of course, there's no hairdo (that I'm capable of) that can withstand the wallering that goes on in the ship. Aaarrrrggg.

Friday, February 13, 2009

I know this is about 2 months late but that's just how things are running around here. Better late than never, right. Daddy with Great Grandma and the kids. Kate was not going for it
Yeah, SNOW! Jaron and Emmy absolutely loved the snow. They made a snowman with Grandma in the front yard.
Jeremy and I decided we really like visiting the snow, but don't miss it like we thought we would.

Beautiful. The kids loved watching the sky turn colors in the morning as we ate breakfast and Grandma and Grandpa H's.

We had the grandkids pack down the ice on the driveway just to make the race up the hill more fun. Jaron ate this up! Emmy was content with watching and wasn't upset unless someone asked if she wanted to try.

Jaron and Bella, ready for another run.

Here's Kate playing at Grandma B's after she got all her clothes dirty but her tutu.
This is what Emmy wanted from Santa more than anything. She kept saying she wanted a water baby, and I thought they didn't make them anymore. Luckily Santa has some helpers in Orem that always come through! Emmy just took her water baby for show and tell during her first week of preschool.

Pure boy joy! Jaron's saving someone with the ladder on his big fire truck Christmas morning. He had Carter's name for Christmas and we got him this big fire truck at Target and Jaron was being so sweet sitting in the cart being happy for Carter (dying to have one himself) that I had to sneak one under the cart for him.

Janessa came to our house for Christmas this year. We had so much fun making sugar cookies for Santa (for hours on Christmas eve...... I made the mistake of letting the kids cut out and decorate the entire batch. It was fun it just took forever). Then we took Janessa to Panera, her favorite!

This was about the best I could get. But hey, all their faces are looking in the same general direction. I love it!