Saturday, October 31, 2009

Doctor Jaron, "pink fairy", and Ladybug Kate.

They drew the face the wanted on the pumpkins and Dad did a great job. We had, Scary, smiling with eye lashes and Kate's best O expression.
Last week Jer was on Duty all day Sunday so I had to take a picture proving I can make it to church with out him. I completely prefer it WITH him, but I guess I can do it.

Tough love :)
Jaron did really good at church being quiet. He's very interested in writing letters and numbers and its been keeping him busy.

Happy Birthday Kate Alaine. I think we'll call you Baby Kate forever, sorry babe.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Emmy got her first haircut, cute huh :)

She warmed up to the idea once we convinced her she was getting princess treatment.

the "princess sink"

taking a rest on a Military Cargo Plane at the air show
cheese! Em told me the other night at dinner, "this is like ordering at a restaurant."

With Grandma and Grandpa at the airshow. It was such a nice day and the kids liked it more than I thought they would.

First day of the 2009 school year. We're very excited to be back!

Toy Story in 3D. I guess we got there a little too early. They did great. I thought they wouldn't last but Kate's the only one that needed to take laps up and down the isles. Jaron kept leaning over to Jeremy saying "what else do you have?" He cleaned out the diaper bag snack stash.