Monday, November 24, 2008

A quick smile from Kate before she got really mad about the costume

Kate relishes in the chaos of bedtime. She climbs all over the kids beds while we try to get everyone to the potty, dressed, teeth brushed, stories read and prayers done.
It is so cute to see her in Emmy's old jammies... it makes her seem so big.

We had to get a new washer a little while ago and (sorry for the mess... without a washer I had piles of laundry to do once it got there). Anyway, I thought it was hilarious to catch Jeremy adoring the new technology.

Jaron and Emmy had a ball in their new "house." We kept the box the washer came in for a couple of days and cut out some doors and window.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jaron, Cara, Alex and Emmy were all trick or treating at Sea World Mid October.... it took us a long time to get them to all look at the camera.... they didn't want to turn their backs on these flamingos
Party on the Pirate ship. While the rest of us were eating lunch the kids decided to put on a performance in the outdoor eating area... they love to pretend they're pirates. Arrrrr

Kate's learning to walk. She's such a cutie pie. She'll walk really well until she's close enough that you could catch her and then she just dives in for a hug. So snuggly

All of the Lamb's (except Janessa) came for a 4 day weekend to see the Navy Air show. It was amazing!

yup... I hate to brag, but we're still enjoying the sun here in San Diego. It was 87 two days ago.