Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We went to Kangaroo Zoo with Grandma Hancock, Wendy, Tera, Tyson, Kortney, Allie Jaron and Emmy. Jaron had a ball and exhausted himself to the point of tears as we left the building. He was climbing the tall bouncing ladders with the best of them and jumping all over with no fear. Emmaline on the other hand couldn't quite get over her fear of blow up toys and after I tried to coerce her into liking the slides I decided to let her be and stop torturing her.

Emmy sitting in the stroller relieved that mommy has stopped carrying her to the top of slides in the promise that it will be fun.
Ready or not here I come!

Emmy giving Jaron a push on the swings. She refused to swing in one herself but she was happy to push Jaron in one and had fun when she managed not to get knocked down. Jaron on the other hand would be happy swinging in the sunshine for hours.... it's always the person he's recruited for pushing that tires out before he'll ever get sick of it. He's also become quite the talent on the trampoline.

Playing piano just like daddy.
Carter, Reagan, Jaron, Tanner, Emmy, Walker and Konner all stuffed at the Golden Corrall.
Allie, Emmy and Jaron rediscovering their toys after unloading the moving truck.
Grandma Hancock keeping Kate happy while we ran around Kangaroo Zoo.

This picture is Jaron and Emmy before we left Ohio. When we look at the pictures of them in our old house they say "Our house, far far away" in the saddest little voices. They miss it as much as we do. For a while they kept talking about "when we go to Utah" I think they finally get that we're in Utah now. Just wait until we have to start talking about getting to San Diego, they are going to be so confused by the end of this summer.

The best part of moving was playing in boxes and of course Jilly and Grandpa coming to help us.

Emmy begging for snacks from Jaron and of course he always shares.
Jeremy on mic, Steve on drums, Reagan and Janessa on guitar. It's always a party at Grandma and Grandpa Lamb's house especially now that Jeremy brings Rock Band!