Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kate loves to watch the kids run and play. Whenever she's sad they'll sing her a song (mostly "Ants in my pants") to cheer her up.
Jaron decided he wanted to wear his winter boots this nice sunny day in the backyard. Whatever :)
Emmy's much more into the indoor activities like playdough. (and luckily she doesn't care what shoes and clothes I put her in..... I'm enjoying that while I can).

We went to a Sesame Street show on base on our Anniversary! 7 years
The kids were so excited for the show to start(Even Kate got a free light up Elmo toy)
Jaron was dancing in the aisle
Emmy was mezmorized. I just thought this was a funny picture (it was right after I got her to stop crying and try to chill enough to watch the show)
Elmo and Rosita having a talk about Rosita's daddy going away again for work. Even though it was meant to keep it light hearted it was so touching to sit among these men and women in the audience who probably have had to leave their kids to go to war. There's also a little movie they sent home with us that talks about mom's and dad's going and coming home from war.... I had to make an excuse so that the kids wouldn't watch it anymore because it just makes me cry when they interview the real life families.

Monday, July 21, 2008

We have a lot of jets flying above our house and sometimes it kinda freaks the kids out

so mommy taught them this song to help them feel better

Friday, July 11, 2008

Cousins lined up for pictures inside the ship. They're sitting on the chain hooked up to the anchor-huge.
Jaron and daddy checking out the engine of the ship
Everyone gathered around Emmy trying to console her or just get her to be quiet. She wailed almost the whole time we were on the ship. About a half an hour later Emmy and mom had a talkin' to and she calmed down-finally.
Jaron and Tan Man flying a jet.

Sorry this is way out of order:
This is Jaron's birthday party. He had a huge group of people celebrating with him on a sunny day with great gifts, "Cars" cake, and loved every minute of it.
Yummy car cake. Emmy grabbed a piece of cake and sat down immediately to dig in.
Great Grandma and Aunt Karla and Uncle Larry came to say hi.
Waiting for the Orem Parade. We had to set up our spot for the parade over 24 hours before it started. Good thing it was full of fire trucks, police motor cycles, "princesses"(town royalty) and and candy -well worth the wait.
Yeah, it finally started!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Welcome to San Diego!!
This is our first night in California, we went to the beach to watch the sunset. It was pretty amazing!

While our family was here helping us move, we went downtown to check out the USS Midway which is an Aircraft Carrier museum.
This is the USS George Washington, an active duty carrier here at port in San Diego.


Kate loves the beach!